Application Hosting

BAkS Net offers robust application hosting in Bangladesh. Whether you are looking to host a PHP & MySQL application or ASP.NET & SQL Server based solution (including MVC & Razor applications), BACKS Net’s Hosting infrastructure is your ideal choice.

PHP & MySQL Application Hosting

Our Linux hosting platform is specially optimized for hosting popular CMS Applications (Joomla & Drupal), Blog (WordPress), E-Commerce Shopping Cart (Open Cart, osCommerce or Magento), Forum & Bulletin Boards (phpBB & vBulletin), etc. We offer the latest version of CentOS along with Apache 2.2.3 and PHP 5 & PHP 7. MySQL 5.x 64bit for better performance. The server is connected to the Internet (up-link) with a Gigabit connection, resulting in a fast serving of your PHP applications. See Dedicated Application Hosting from Here.

Choose from our Linux Hosting Packages:

2GB cPanel Hosting 5GB cPanel Hosting 10GB cPanel Hosting
৳ 1495.00USD 19.95– per year – ৳ 2,995.00USD 37.50– per year – ৳ 4,995.00USD 62.50– per year –
Disk Space 2GB SSD Disk Space 5GB SSD Disk Space 10GB SSD
Bandwidth 50GB/month Bandwidth 75GB/month Bandwidth 100GB/month
Park Domain 1 Park Domain 1 Park Domain 1
Addon Domains 5 Addon Domains 5 Addon Domains 5
Sub Domains 10 Sub Domains 20 Sub Domains 50
Email Accounts 50 Email Accounts 100 Email Accounts 150
MySQL Database 10 MySQL Database 20 MySQL Database 30
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ASP.NET & SQL Server Application Hosting

If you are developing Applications with ASP.NET & SQL Server, or MVC & Razor, BACKS Net’s ASP.NET Hosting platform is the best choice for hosting it. Our ASP.NET Hosting utilizes extremely fast servers featuring 32 core Xeon E5 Processors and 64GB Memory. The storage system is based on SSD RAID and it can withstand multiple drive failures, ensuring the reliability of your Application.
Choose from our ASP.NET hosting plans.

5GB Corporate Hosting 10GB Corporate Hosting 25GB Corporate Hosting
৳ 7,500.00– per year – ৳ 12,000.00– per year – ৳ 17,500.00– per year –
Disk Space 5GB SSD Disk Space 10GB SSD Disk Space 25GB SSD
Bandwidth 250GB/month Bandwidth 500GB/month Bandwidth 1TB/month
Websites 10 Websites 100 Websites Unlimited
Domains 5 Domains 10 Domains Unlimited
Sub Domains Unlimited Sub Domains Unlimited Sub Domains Unlimited
Email Accounts 100 Email Accounts 250 Email Accounts Unlimited
SQL Database 10 SQL Database 50 SQL Database Unlimited
MySQL Database 50 MySQL Database 100 MySQL Database Unlimited
24×7 Expert Support 24×7 Expert Support 24×7 Expert Support